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Unlock your truth to lead the New World forward with raised consciousness.


Gold Coast Australia

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Exclusive Opportunity. Enjoy the opulence with exquisite food and beverage options, whilst empowering yourself and connecting with likeminded leaders.


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World Class Facilitator sessions comprised of coaching, meditation, activations, conscious conversation and interactive workshops

Connecting with likeminded people with the opportunity of collaboration to benefit mankind

Gourmet food and beverage included

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A carefully selected line up of facilitators will provide insights to our guests onboard, based on the paradigm shift we are experiencing right now for humankind.

The Summit will challenge guests to step into a new reality and sense of empowerment with the notion of being a changemaker to rebuild the New World.

Aligning with the concept of leading with love in the new paradigm, love enables us to act with compassion and understanding for ourselves and others, thereby eliminating fear based behaviours and emotions such as judgement, shame and guilt. We believe we can make significant changes to the well-being of our population and our planet by accepting each other as brothers and sisters.

As a New World Leader, we allow ourselves to own our unique gifts and recognise others as equals regardless of their beliefs and experiences. We drive with authenticity, well intent and accept that we are sovereign beings, yet connected to each other and all that there is.

As a New World Leader, we act in alignment with our truth, inspire people to do the same and find solutions that benefit the greater good in line with our own as individuals.

We envisage that connections will be made to action solutions for a better world, whether individually inspired and executed or with the result of our guests entering into collaborations to empower each other to be the change they want to see in the world.

All the answers are already inside of you. Let our team of powerful facilitators help you clear old programming and remind you of who you are. Open up to learning new insights that connect you deeper to yourself and the infinite wisdom, love and guidance that is available to you.

Be inspired and empowered to let your vision guide you to being part of the change you want to see in the New World. Activate your newfound leadership skills to collaborate and co-create the foundation of our future.

Be inspired by our World Class Facilitators

Nicole Gibson

Nicole Gibson

inTruth Technologies

"Love-Based Leadership, Extracting The Vision Within"

Known as a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, Nicole prefers to be seen as an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential; impacting millions of people world-wide with her unconventional models of community development and transformation. Making an impact in the health and education landscape globally, and having served as the youngest Commonwealth Commissioner for Health in history, advising directly to the Australian Federal Health Minister and Prime Minister, Nicole was also a finalist for the Young Australian of the Year, one of Australia’s top 100 most influential women at 21, and awarded the Pride of Australia Medal.

inTruth Technologies is creating technology that can measure truth and transform decision making. Following the law of 4%, inTruth’s goal is to impact a critical mass of humanity, shifting us from a baseline of fear to love.


Dani Stevens

Evangelist of Positivity & Mother of 4

"Supporting Your Vessel And Enjoying The Juggle"

Dani Stevens is one of the world’s most popular lifestyle social media personalities, with a six-figure social media base of devoted followers, and long term partnerships with Volvo, Telstra, Dr Oz and Jamie Oliver – who is one of her earliest and strongest supporters.

She has been recognised by her peers as one of the top 5 fitness experts as featured in Women's Health, thanks to her growing reputation as a healthy lifestyle author, fitness and food motivator who inspires all who reach out to her.

Her vibrant and vivacious personality and infectious sense of humour is part of her success in motivating others to take control of their lives through health and fitness. It’s no surprise Dani is often described as the quintessential ‘people magnet’!


Bec McMillan

Inspiring Woman, Speaker
& Spiritual Thought Leader

"From Adversity To Succes"

Bec has graced the cover of Eight Magazines worldwide as an Inspirational Woman, former media personality in Radio & TV, Red Carpet Host, Actress, Model, renowned Jewellery Designer of 15 countries, Golden Globes & Mercedes Benz Runways, Author, World Class Speaker and Celebrity Emcee.

Bec is very well known for her continued charity advocacies in mental health, child safety and women's empowerment.

Bec McMillan is a Woman like no other with a story like no other. She will blow you away with her extraordinary underdog success story.

We all go through things in life, but when you discover Bec McMillan, you will be Inspired like never before to believe in yourself no matter what!

No wonder she is a high profile multidimensional mentor in 10 countries!

Brett D Scott 4

Brett D. Scott

Transformational Coach & Founder
Super Charged Freedom

"Becoming The Hero Of Your Own Journey"

Brett is the world’s first Late bloomer Thought Leader. Having operated in many different careers including Hotels, Real Estate sales & Fitness, Brett finally discovered how to break through his own limitations and achieve incredible success and freedom via Metaphysics.

Brett now operates an established, highly ethical Mindset coaching business with his team. He has helped many clients to achieve high-level awards, change careers, earn 3,5,10x their income and much more. Interestingly, he’s done that for himself too; TEDx Talk published, Multi-award winning author, Beam in Business & The Accolades Man to Watch 2021 and popular podcast Mastering Success, amongst other things. Brett’s mission is to genuinely and positively impact millions of people to live their version of success and freedom.

Megan J

Megan J

Master Activator,  Multidimensional Intergalactic
Channel, Advisor & Facilitator

"Mother Gaya Connection To Higher Self"  - Meditation with Light Language

By assessing the quantum realms, Megan enhances your frequencies, strengthens your unique abilities as well as unlocks dormant timelines, trauma and your unique gifts, whilst you up-level to your True Soul Self, Knowing and Consciousness.

Megan supports your unique blueprint that is infused in your Heart Chakra that supports your connection to all Starseed aspects of self within the multiverse.

Allowing your essences on Earth to be activated for expansion and growth to occur, positively impacting and influencing the wider community and humanity.

Mell B

Mell Balment

Deep Belief Hacker
Quantum Coaching & Healing

"Linking Logic with Love"

Having experienced the trifecta of child abuse, rape and cancer, Mell is the founder of UnWaveRed Awareness. She believes greatness is achieved through surrender, self-compassion and grace, for the challenges we’ve endured.

Driven by a mission to take a woo out of woo-woo, Mell simplifies the understanding of consciousness. Supporting the integration of strategy and spirituality to amplify impact, driven by soul wisdom.

As a multi, award-winning, quantum healer, Mell partners with empaths to clear procrastination and fears about leaving their legacy.

Mell is also part of the new crypto era, sharing her passive income solution for sovereign independence.

Kim Serafini_011 copy

Kim Serafini

Keynote Speaker, BestSelling Author & CEO
Positive Prime

"Technology To Support Our New States Of Being"

As the Founder and CEO of the health & edu-tech company Positive Prime, Kim is leading new trends in health and wellness, self-care and technological solutions. Her career has involved filming interviews with many of the world’s highest-profile business leaders, acclaimed scientists, and the most famous self-help gurus to confirm the right approaches, to employ towards personal and professional transformation. Devoted to helping others make significant, long-lasting, rapid & successful changes Kim is committed to continually innovating and leading with advanced technologies.

She’s a much-loved executive coach & business advisor, a bestselling author, world-class keynote speaker, angel investor and the inventor of Lithos Therapy. Having lived and worked in over 5 regions of the world, Kim loves traveling and affectionately sharing her philosophy of positivity in other cultures… living up to her title of The Queen of Gratitude.


Sian Whitewolf

Quantum Healer, Wealth & Success Coach
Pathway to Freedom

"Connecting Back To The Ancient" - Meditation

Sian grew up in outback desert country and has been working with ancient star knowledge and quantum energy for over 25 years. Running numerous retreats and workshops on the East coast of Australia, and working with clients worldwide, Sian uses her healing techniques to inspire, heal and awaken others.

Sian uses a wholistic approach to her client’s transformation, focusing on shifting patterns and beliefs that no longer serve, and empowering the soul with vision and transcendental healing.

Using a vast tool belt of knowledge gathered over years of quantum energy, sound, shamanic journey, animal healing, shadow work and mindset coaching, Sian opens people up to their best versions of self through a journey of re-remembering, so they can live their life and dreams of abundance, happiness, purpose and self- empowerment.

Marlie Jolanda_Branding Photoshoot

Marlie Jolanda

Multipreneur - Speaker – Author
Secret SisinBiz Society

"Leading From Our Divine Feminine In Business"

Marlie is an award-winning Multipreneur, Professional Speaker and International Bestselling Co-Author with salubrious energy. As a Meaningful Marketing & Business Coach she helps Entrepreneurs-on-a-Mission to 6-7 figures, by turning more potential customers into paying clients with her proven methods and her background, starting her career at BMW Group Netherlands, and later helping hundreds of business owners and launched various successful businesses in Coaching, Presenting and Networking-for-Women.

As the founder of Secret SisinBiz Society, Marlie is changing the way women do business around the world. Her mission is to share Secrets-of-Success with more than 2 million Sisters-in-Business to help them grow personally & professionally with her #winwinwin model. She is also dedicated to giving back as the founding Vice-President of the Gold Coast Rotary Passport Club. Her goal is to donate over $1 million to charities.


Nancy Katsimberis

Australian Utilities Company

"The Gift"

Nancy Katsimberis is the Management Executive and Co-Founder of Australian Utilities Company, and on the board of the National Customer Code Council for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers. With over 9 years experience in the utilities sector and a passion for sustainability, she has presented at local and international conferences, and is a thought leader in the area of prepaid metering for utilities.

Passionate about heart-centred leadership, collaboration and giving back to her community, Nancy is the incoming President of the Gold Coast Passport Rotary Club and the secretary and fundraising grant writer for Serving Our People.

Awarded the 2021 Top 100 Women In Construction, the Winner of the Unsung Hero Award for International Women's Day Heart of Women Awards 2022 and the Winner of the Heart of Australia Award for Australia Day 2022. Nancy is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach.


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